Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Woke up next to a monster

What did you wake up to this morning? Hubby/Wife? Pet or "significant other"?

Well I awoke, BEFORE my alarm @ 5:30am, and found: 1) My Guitar. 2)Sketch Pad & Pencil Crayons. 3)Deck o Tarot Cards. 4) Several Guitar Cords. 5)Book: Dhammapada. 6) Cell phone, open and in mid text. 7) and clothes in several stages of being between clean and semi-worn....

What does this mean, (other than time to call a cute friend to play maid for me?) I feel like I have arrived to Nirvana. I feel like myself again. The zen of being surrounded by what I love.. Art, Music, Meditation, (and my cell phone?)Which means I been spending most of my waking and some sleeping time creating something artistic..... (sorry if I ignored anyone)

But I digress to rambling now,
Chris aka "Bread Boy" and I recorded our rehearsal/jam time on my trusty laptop, and were pleasantly surprised on how well a single mic can record a jam.... It's not perfect, but good enough to pimp out for a buck or two.

That's right, I'm gonna sell my first CD Single.. More of a "live ep", but since I'm also an artist of sorts, I will hand make the liner card for each with some random kind of art, drawing, or photo, or drawing on a photo, (but NO photos of drawings... gotta have standards). There's a 15 min jam for sure, and maybe another. And 1 or 2 just solo recordings of myself. Yes and I will also Autograph and number each CD in the order I deliver them.

So lets recap here: Music CD & Original Art for $2.00. This week Only people.. Next Tuesday is another jam to record, and possibly another live CD to come.

So, Call, txt, E-Mail, or slap me in person if you want one.

East Coast Jedi Council Member
Obi-Ron Maur'er

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