Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homeless Artist @ the Leesport Auction

Life is always in motion for me. I'm transferring to a new location for my job (pseudo management @ Giant), as well as a location change for MYSELF. I'm currently "In Between" apartments, making me slightly homeless. ( I guess the "ugly oyster" will be 'Home' for now. I'll take a Guinness please )
I'm told that suffering is good for the soul, so I'm hoping for my art and music to be more "Soul-full" I will be sharing a stand at the Leesport Auction with my co-conspirator Cassie. I will be showing/selling some of my art. I will have some framed drawings and maybe a few paintings. Cass and I will be selling hand crafted and Up-Cycled Jewlery. Jem Stone, Chainmail, Native American and other.. So stop out and see me October 9-10 at the Leesport Auction. You'll know me when you see me. :)

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