Sunday, November 30, 2014

Indoor Gardening for the Winter Months

So, I had 2 from a 4pack of starters that were due to move forward in their plant lives. Above are Shallot Onions and Sweet Basil grown from commercial seeds. 

The lavender isn't ready yet, but this one will be misted every day. 

Progress is good on my Pear Tree. This was grown from seeds reclaimed from locally grown Pears. It's my intention to attempt to grow new food from existing food as often as I can. 
I started this as a Moss Garden so that I would have a suitable place to start planting seeds into. Moss keeps moisture from evaporating. I initially tried a peach seed, but to no avail. For now I will consider this a Pear Bonsai in the making.

The next 6Pack is starting it's initial soaking. 
2 Sunflower
2 Spearamint
1 Dill (reclaimed seeds from last years crop)
1 Cherry Tomato’s (from reclaim seeds)
 I re-use Chinese "take-out" plastic trays for this. 

Strawberries are still happening. I purchased 3 Strawberry plants from Esbenshades. 2 went outside and this one stayed inside.
These look about ready for a Bucket Garden. I purchased these from a local farm-stand. I left these in a basket in a dark cabinet for awhile to get them to sprout roots.
Happy Gardening.