Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Woke up next to a monster

What did you wake up to this morning? Hubby/Wife? Pet or "significant other"?

Well I awoke, BEFORE my alarm @ 5:30am, and found: 1) My Guitar. 2)Sketch Pad & Pencil Crayons. 3)Deck o Tarot Cards. 4) Several Guitar Cords. 5)Book: Dhammapada. 6) Cell phone, open and in mid text. 7) and clothes in several stages of being between clean and semi-worn....

What does this mean, (other than time to call a cute friend to play maid for me?) I feel like I have arrived to Nirvana. I feel like myself again. The zen of being surrounded by what I love.. Art, Music, Meditation, (and my cell phone?)Which means I been spending most of my waking and some sleeping time creating something artistic..... (sorry if I ignored anyone)

But I digress to rambling now,
Chris aka "Bread Boy" and I recorded our rehearsal/jam time on my trusty laptop, and were pleasantly surprised on how well a single mic can record a jam.... It's not perfect, but good enough to pimp out for a buck or two.

That's right, I'm gonna sell my first CD Single.. More of a "live ep", but since I'm also an artist of sorts, I will hand make the liner card for each with some random kind of art, drawing, or photo, or drawing on a photo, (but NO photos of drawings... gotta have standards). There's a 15 min jam for sure, and maybe another. And 1 or 2 just solo recordings of myself. Yes and I will also Autograph and number each CD in the order I deliver them.

So lets recap here: Music CD & Original Art for $2.00. This week Only people.. Next Tuesday is another jam to record, and possibly another live CD to come.

So, Call, txt, E-Mail, or slap me in person if you want one.

East Coast Jedi Council Member
Obi-Ron Maur'er

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well my first live gig in like a million years has come and gone, and what did I think? Well, not many people showed up. I believe there were more of us musicians there than there were fans. But besides that, I went on last, and let me tell you, the talent that went on before me was amazing. Most of the kids that played, really didn't need a PA to sing through. It was all acoustic stuff, but WOW the vocal talent made me a tad nervous. So I decided that I didn't really care bout anyone's opinion anyway, and sang over Beatles and NIN tunes. I did some original guitar stuff, which I think impressed a few in the crowd, and @ one point someone yelled "More Metal" Which made me feel better about being the freak that brought his electric guitar to an acoustic gig. I closed with Amazing Grace, since we played in god's house, I figured I'd play one of his tunes.

Was ok for a first show, but for the next time, I need to find an actual band to play with.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First live Performance since.....

July 17th somewhere between 7-10 PM, I will be performing live on stage, probably solo, for the first time since I played with Propaganda back in like 1997. As I really have no official band mates to speak of, I will be doing a one man act. I will probably sing a song or 2, and hopefully get Bryan Exley to sing a M. Manson song or 2 with me. Otherwise I will dazzle the audience with my mad guitar skillz.... Tickets are $6.00 at the door, and if you say your there to see me, I will get a portion of your ticket price. So, Support your local artist (ME)

Saturday, July 17, 2010
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Church of the Epiphany
209 S. 3rd Avenue
Royersford, PA

Here is a Facebook link to the show.!/event.php?eid=129835920387839

Inspiration in 100* weather

Well It's over 90* here on the 3rd floor of the place I call home, properly pronounced as ch (flem sound) 'ome. Yet in the sweaty depths of hell there is yet inspiration to be had. In the form of an opportunity to get off my typically lazy artistic tuckus, and sell some of my fantabulous art to my millions of devoted minions. Ok, I'm helping Gloria (my work mom), this saturday @ the Leesport Auction with her craft stand, where I will be debuting my first selection of framed art for sale to the general public. Which means what exactly?? Meaning that I have to be prepared and have something worthy of signing my name to, calling art, and expecting cash in exchange for. Big Expectations. Hence, money is the inspiration. What kind of artist uses money for inspiration? An artist that can't wait to get the frack out of the one horse town he currently resides in, so he can move on to bigger and better things. I will also have some unframed photographs available for sale there. I hope to also have jewelery there made by the inspired hands of the lovely Cassandra. I have a number of projects in the works: Music, art and photo related that I will be posting here in the near future. The image to the right is one such drawing I will surely make enough money to retire on. It's an impressionist drawing, using oil pastels, of the Tardis from Dr Who.