Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well my first live gig in like a million years has come and gone, and what did I think? Well, not many people showed up. I believe there were more of us musicians there than there were fans. But besides that, I went on last, and let me tell you, the talent that went on before me was amazing. Most of the kids that played, really didn't need a PA to sing through. It was all acoustic stuff, but WOW the vocal talent made me a tad nervous. So I decided that I didn't really care bout anyone's opinion anyway, and sang over Beatles and NIN tunes. I did some original guitar stuff, which I think impressed a few in the crowd, and @ one point someone yelled "More Metal" Which made me feel better about being the freak that brought his electric guitar to an acoustic gig. I closed with Amazing Grace, since we played in god's house, I figured I'd play one of his tunes.

Was ok for a first show, but for the next time, I need to find an actual band to play with.

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