Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quantum Studio

For those who don't know, I have packed and relocated myself to my hometown area. No, not Cydonia, Mars. The Reading, Pa area. More specifically, Fritztown (pronounced 'Fritztawn' if you understand the local accent) My fortress of solitude is an old 2 story stone house out in the middle of no where, where I have an un-adulterated view of the nighttime sky, California red-woods and bamboo in my backyard, and an old friend as my neighbor (so I can play and record guitar to my hearts content w/o repercussion).
But before all this goodness happens (Dec 1st), I have another craft show to sell my art and jewelry @ the Leesport Auction. Saturday/Sunday Nov 27-28 if you are so inclined to check out my stuff. (Think Christmas Shopping).... I will as always be sharing my table with the ever talented Cassandra Fields, who also makes Chain-mail jewelry. I will have several paintings and some of my photography available as well.
Above is a link to the Craft Fair schedule. I will be attending all 5 Fairs throughout the year @ the same location.
Otherwise I will be busy writing, recording, and re-recording music throughout the winter months @ Quantum Studio. I have a few friends that I am jamming with, and possibly making part of my touring band. But, I am always looking for something new. I will endeavor to make appearances @ some open mic nights throughout the cold season.

Anyone who has any music or art gear they are willing to part with (a drum kit or painters easel would be great) feel free to sent me an e-mail @

............Namaste all

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