Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014 Gardening Year 1

  It's October 1st and my garden is far from dead. I recently planted Spinach and Lettuce, both of which will grow through the Winter months. Life happens and in this life I have to eat, so I am getting back to my Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage and delving into the "Earthy Arts" with tasty plants. I have hobbied plants for many years, and now having the space here at The Forge I have had the ability to have numerous flora. Jade has been a favourite of mine and I easily have more than 12 Jade Bonsai from 1 starter plant 3 years ago.

   Realising that I'm have a relatively green thumb, I have decided to spend some of this 'hobby time' into something tasty and renewable. GARDENING!!! Like most things I do, I have just jumped right in and seemingly 'make it up' as I went along.

   My stepmom Pam has been gardening for many years so I always keep up what she is currently doing and spinach and lettuces are her staple winter plants, so I am doing likewise.

 I will be making a cover for my Winter Veggies. the bamboo is to create a template and frame. I am thinking of just making an 'A Frame' tent for this.

   Also I have created a bamboo shelter for my Mint plant and creating enclosures for the Lemon Balm Mint and Strawberry shrub. The Lemon Balm Mint was dug from my Father's yard. I trimmed back the Swiss Chard and will see how long it continues to grow.

 A Minty Gazebo in the making.

 Swiss Chard
Lemon Balm Mint

   One of the reasons for the Mint Gazebo is to give myself a limit for hao far I will allow it to spread. Mint roots heavily and can quickly spread and take over surrounding areas. I have already dug around the box and pulled the roots out of the ground. These roots can be snipped and replanted elsewhere. I would happily give some snips to anyone who wishes to grow their own mint.

Trying to get it to intertwine it into the bamboo to help keep it together.


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