Sunday, June 1, 2014

2 Guitars become some sort of Stringed Monster

  Since my first guitar. (A Fire Engine Red Aria Pro II that I purchased from my at the time high school bestie's younger brother.) I have altered/upgraded/modified/manipulated almost every guitar I have ever owned. Come to think of it, I took apart allot of my Star Wars toys as a kid too. So I like to tinker on things.

  Today's Hatchet Job is the combination of 2 separate guitars into one really quirky 6 string with left-over parts to sell on eBay. It's a win/win scenario.

  I recently picked up a bright Yellow Davison Strat copy at the local Cashies next to the post office I use for eBay shipping. Originally I purchased it because I thought it was a 3/4 size guitar. Local rap/rock guy Mani Nigitar, wanted one for his 2 year old daughter. At first glance it looked like a cheap Strat and with a price tag of $39.99, it seemed to be what I was looking for. I didn't bother plugging it in for I knew I would be giving it the 'ol once over before passing it on, so as long as the body was good, it was a done deal.

  I get home to my studio farmhouse and park it in the corner with a Tele that I'm in the process of relic/steampunking. The Tele is in pieces so I didn't realise at first that it's essentially the SAME SIZE. Am I so dim that I can not tell the difference?

  I take it upstairs to where the rest of my guitars reside. I put it on the rack next to my everyday guitar. An Ibanez 7 string. Hmmm.. The yellow special was dwarfed in comparison to the one I play all the time. So in my hands it did seem like a toy.

  Well Roz wanted a 3/4 for his girl, so now it seems that I have just purchased myself a new toy.
  Yellow and white just seems to boring for me. The blue on black design of my 90's Peavey Predator wasn't doing it for me either. Re-arranging parts just seemed the obvious choice in this dilemma.

  Upon disassembling both guitars I discovered that 'ol yeller is a slightly shorter scale legenth so I am unable to put the Maple neck on it.
  Yea, the green strap definitely is going on this guitar.
  The frets are in dire need of a good redress and I need to drill some holes to match the "slightly larger" Peavey Pick-guard to the Davison body. Otherwise It's strung and tuned to "Drop C" in 432 and I'm enjoying my new toy. I'll do the neck/fret work on my next day off. The body is slightly smaller and a more comfortable fit while sitting in my chair watching documentaries on ancient history. After over 20 years of photography it's become relatively impossible for me to take a "Normal" picture of anything. So I will leave you with this...
If this link works, It should take you to the Facebook album of this project. There are a few more images than there are here. Also subsequent images of further progress will be uploaded there. 
When I feel that it is "Finished" It will be available for purchase. Feel free to inquire about this or any other thing you see posted on my blog.
 Everything Is Art and Everything Is For Sale


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