Thursday, October 2, 2014

Who has time to be an Artist...and being an Artist.

 Well, I was recently informed that my old friend and next door neighbour +RobertPlummer has been handing out my blog address to people who were interested in one or more of my various Arts. Guess it's time to post something to all those peoples who may be looking me up to see what craftiness I have been working on.

  Since moving to The Forge, I have actively worked towards spending more time to the "Artist" thing. I have dabbled in numerous creative outlets ie. Beaded Jewlery, Steampunk/Chainmail Jewlery, Painting, Music, Guitar Hot-Rodding and other things yet un-dabbled in. Maintaining ALL these hobbies has been impossible due to something called having a 'Job' that pays something called 'the Bills'

  I have decided to accept the fact that I have a short attention span in regarding any specific creative endeavour, and just roll in the direction of my rollercoaster life.

   what am I doing right nao?? I have been putting my physical and mental efforts into Gardening and creating a renewable lifestyle. It's October 1st and my garden is far from dead. I planted Spinach and Lettuce, both of which will grow through the Winter months. Life happens and in this life I have to eat, so I am getting back to my Heritage and delving into the "Earthy Arts" with tasty plants. I have hobbied plants for many years, and now having the space here at The Forge I have had the ability to have numerous flora. Jade has been a favourite of mine and I easily have more than 12 Jade Bonsai from 1 starter plant 3 years ago.
 on left is the original

 Bedroom window: Jade and other Succulents.

   I'm all about sharing, so if you want a shoot of some plant or seeds for something or have a how-to question, just let me know. I plan on doing allot of indoor seeding will surely have plenty to share.

    Sorry.  I haven't made anything in months, I have a roommate and less space to work in, so supplies are packed away, but easily accessible if the mood strike me. That doesn't mean that I have nothing to show. I have over 20 pair earrings, and 20 necklaces ready to hang around your neck. Feel free to contact me about what's available. I will endeavour to post pics soon.

      I have made progress on the "Steampunk/Relic Telecaster. The original neck from the guitar was defective and I had to acquire a different neck to complete this. I Have an 80's Peavey Strat that I took the pickups and pickguard off of to complete another guitar. It already has an 'old' look to it.  Not sure if I'm happy with how it fits, so I may have to thrift shop another guitar for a suitable neck.

    Again, Sorry. Just not feeling it. I have maybe 12 paintings left still on my walls. You can find images on previous posts and on facebook albums.

If you want to see some cool photography.

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  1. Thank you again for sharing your awesome plants with me. I love the bonsai. If you are interested I have a huge philodendron and a spider plant with babies that you are welcome to have cuttings from.