Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Coffee Weasel (recipe)

   There are 2 kinds of people in this world. Those of us who drink Coffee and those who don't. It's a Love it or Hate it kinda thing. No one is really 'on the fence' on their opinion about this most sacred beverage.

   But even on this side of the fence, we have strongly divided lines as to what is the correct way to imbibe out beloved Java. Cream & Sugar, Splenda, Half/half, Hazelnut, Heavy Cream, Butter, Bacon (yea, think about that one) and the list of options goes on. On the other side we have those who believe that anyone adding anything whatsoever to his/her cup of 'Black Gold' should be tried for heresy and burnt at the stake.

   My parameters differ depending on the who/what/where of the cup of coffee in question. If I am Wawa-ing then Its a seconds worth of sugar (pouring 'one one-thousand), Hazelnut creamer (an inch or so) and the rest is Hazelnut coffee. My buddy Bob has a percolator so his Coffee is quite dark and tasty. (occasionally it's a bit TOO thick for my prefs, and it gets a bit of cream and sugar

  At home I have started roasting and grinding fresh coffee beans, and let me say that once you have roasted your own coffee, you will never look at store bought Coffee again. You can purchase a 'Hot air Popcorn Popper' for this. Takes less than 10 minutes to roast your own. For the quantity of Coffee I drink, this saves me allot of $$$. Do you like fresh Coffee, or do you prefer store bought that was roasted who knows how long ago and been getting stale on the shelf??

   I'm not a huge Creamer fan, but for all the baking I do, I tend to keep Coconut or Almond milk on hand as well as Heavy Cream. (for making my own Butter). So I occasionally will use one of these liquids in my Coffee just for so. Otherwise my home roasted brew is kept on the 'Dark Side'. I do however like some Sugar and Spice in my Dark Cup of Morning Happiness. For this I have my trusty Coffee Weasel. For those who love Futurama, you will understand this reference. If you don't...
BAM!!! ...and I've kicked it up a notch.

   The mix I normally use is:
-10 tsp Sugar
-2 tsp Cloves
-2 tsp Nutmeg
-1 tsp Cinnamon
Today I added 1 tsp Cocoa Powder to the mix just for so.

I keep this mix in a glass grated cheese shaker.
   I started off using more Cinnamon than the other spices (it's cheaper) but the Cinnamon seems to not mix well and sinks to the bottom of my mug. So I have upped the quantities of the other Spices.

...and that is my favourite cup of Coffee.

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