Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve Herb Bread

I will apologize for the lack of tasty images not accompanying this post. Camera Issues.

As I am preparing for my New Years Tradition of the 'First Light' Ceremony. I've waited till the last minute for freshly baked somethingz for afterwards. I needed a quick something that was different. I have augmented the original from my step-grandmothers church cookbook.

Start-Finish 3hr Max.

New Years Herb Bread:
-1 Cup warm H20
-2ts Sugar
-2ts Yeast (or packet)
mix sugar to the water.... then sprinkle yeast on top... let it go for 20 min...
{to this add:}
-1tb butter
-1 egg
-3Cups Flour
-1 1/2ts Salt
-1ts Thyme
-2ts Caraway
-2ts Dill 
Turn oven on for one minute... then turn off.

Mix wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.
Knead for at least 10 min.

Place in bowl in oven that is now just slightly warm.
Spray top of dough with water and cover lightly.

Let Rise for 1:15. Should double in size or more.

Knead dough back down for 10 minutes to a roll and spiral it on a cookie sheet rubbed w coconut oil. 

-do the 1 min oven thing again-

Let rise in over for at least 1:15.

Oven to 375* 30-35 Min
Half way through brush on mix of butter/coconut oil.

*Turn Broiler on for 1-2 min max to brown the top of the loaf.* 

I have used this recipe for Pizza Dough and Hamburger Rolls.

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