Monday, August 15, 2011

Free Cd Demo.

The liner notes and track listing for my CD demo release. Send me your address, and I'll send you a FREE copy.


Recorded on 6/2/11 in just a few hours.

It was one of those days of a mass rush of inspiration. The kind that comes with a migraine.

I recorded 18 tracks for this demo. Since I was having a mass rush of creativity, I was kinda rushing to get it all out in time, so these are all are 1st takes. Anything that was multi-tracked was done immediately after the previous track. No there are not 18 tracks on this CD, some of them just plain sucked recording quality wise. 2,8 & 42 are variations on the same riff and will be a full song at some point. Track 15 is an actual disco tune from the 70's that I can't identify.(if you know what it is, please tell me) I've been more into using heavy efx on my clean sound, and will probably be a part of my regular tone in future recordings and live sound. The track number corresponds to the order in which it was recorded. Zero was a few hours later and 42 was tracked the following day.

0 Chaos in Disco-land

2 Planet Disco

5 Analog Fire

6 What Was the Question

8 Comes Clean*

9 Jam

11 Not Forgotten

13I Wasn't Listening

14 Hell is Repetition

15 Time to Dance

17 Cat Nap

20 Maybe


7 Radio Waves (the longest track at 6:16)

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