Friday, April 13, 2012

Stuff in the works...

  Ramble ramble... being part time at my actual job has been amazing for having more time to put into my creative outlet for making jewelry and painting... but less exciting when it comes to a paycheck. (You mean to tell me that I can't be paid the same for less time?). So yea It's true.. Being a "starving artist" iz as amazing as it seems. Follow the life of an artist HERE!!

  I have a retail store that I will be selling my Jewelry in the next month.. More details next week...

  I will be putting together a few CD's of my assorted musical recordings from the past 5 years. I'll be giving some away, and selling others. (feed your fave artist!!). I am allowing someone else to take care of the Album Cover and related artwork. I would pine over details to much dragging the process of a 15 min CD over the course of 6 months. THIS iz a link to the image thus far. 

  For anyone interested in my work posted on this blog. Each post should have links to where you can purchase those specific items. There are links on the top of this page that will direct you to where to find me.  Otherwise you can e-mail me directly at

  To view some of my photography that iz available in post cards and such, visit Veronica Maur'er here.

  To preview some music recordings and vid of me playing guitar, check me out on You Tube..

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