Saturday, February 25, 2012

As you can see from the images below I have been busy making jewelery for people. Don't be disappointed if I have nothing on Etsy to show. Most everything I have made has sold before I got it posted online. At some point I will approach a few local retailers about reaching a larger market, but for now word of mouth had done me well. Best way to get a piece of my art is by being the first on Facebook to say you want it, or to catch me at the Ugly Oyster Draughthouse when I bring in new stuff.

In addition to Jewelery: I write and record music, Paint, Draw, Artistic Photography and dabbling in clothing and fashion design. I also sell books and collectables on eBay if you into that sort of thing.

Facebook seems to work best for networking my art. Click the link on top of page do be directed there.

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